Our Process

Monitoring and Manufacturing

With a focus on mass produced silver jewelry, our modern facility is equipped with the latest Italian and German jewelry manufacturing machinery. Our engineering team continuously researches new technologies to increase production efficiency.All orders are processed efficiently and accurately. Our highly qualifiedQuality Control personnel inspect products quality in every step of production. Final quality control is done piece by piece, comparing customers spec sheets and certified samples.


Production Planning and internal self auditing

Our highly experienced management team has implemented a master plan to achieve long-term profitability through control, prioritization and enhanced productivity. Orders are controlled using a computerized ERP system. Experienced managers and supervisors ensure production stays on schedule and products are delivered In a timely manner. Any schedule deviation is swiftly analyzed and corrective action taken.



Our sourcing learn, with constant communication and negotiation with worldwide suppliers, ensures that all raw materials and accessories comply with international standards while satisfying customers' price and quality requirements. Our large supplier network allows us to efficiently source an unlimited range of materials.


Research & Development

Research & Development Our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies. We offer technical solutions for today challenging markets. We constantly update ourequipments to keep pace with ever-changing trends and satisfy the expectationsof demanding customers.


HR & Training

Mainlv Silver Design is committed to an atmosphere of security and opportunity, where employees like to work and can advance their careers and development. The staff is offered training programs, to increase efficiency and productivity while enhancing skills, motivation and workerretention rate.


ERP controlling center

ERP controlling center To efficiently control the business, processing ever-changing specifications and the enormous number of products is a challenge. Mainly Sliver Design uses Windows based management and manufacturing software to control these issues, The software provides real-time information for all steps in the process. from costing and quotations, through manufacturing, to invoicing and collection. All cost components are input in the software, to stay on top of the financial Implications relevant with the highly complicated jewelry manufacturing business.